O’Connor Community Organic Garden

The O'Connor Uniting Church has provided a portion of its grounds to the Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS) to establish  the O'Connor Community Garden.

It was established on the old Church tennis courts in 2005 and has become a community landmark in O'Connor.

There are approx 40 community members who use the garden to grow vegetables for their own use. 

The O'Connor Community Garden currently partners with the Church for a small amount of community outreach, supplying vegetables and produce to refugees and vulnerable community members.


Companion House

O'Connor Uniting donates 30 dozen eggs each week to Companion House, a Canberra refugee support community organisation. Gardeners from the O'Connor Community Garden also generously donate vegetables to Companion House from their garden plots when available.

Overseas Mission Support

Philippines - Mindanao

O’Connor Uniting Church provides financial support for the mission activities of a small church in the Philippines on the island of Mindanao, which is the second largest island in the Philippines

The Filipino pastor provides dedicated spiritual and practical support to the poor in his community.