Sunday 14th July 2019

14 Jul 2019 by O'Connor Uniting Church in: Reflections

Pentecost 5

Bible Readings

First reading: Amos 7:7-17
Psalm: Psalm 82
Second reading: Colossians 1:1-14
Gospel: Luke 10: 25-37


“Go and do likewise,” Jesus directed after he finished the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:37).
What is the likewise we’re going and doing?
Showing mercy…

Jesus’ Samaritan was an outcast. The Jews were prejudiced against the Samaritans at that time, so why should a Samaritan show any compassion to the distressed Jew who had been beaten and left for dead? Why indeed? Because he was a fellow human.

It is this ability to show mercy, compassion, forbearance, tenderness, attentive care to those in distress, as well as to offenders, that Jesus tells us to emulate. Are we doing likewise?

Extract from Go and Do Likewise by Marjorie F. Eddington



Lord Jesus, you are worthy of our devotion and worship. Through the cross we are reconciled to you and are your family under Christ. You call us to love one another just as you have loved us.
So we pray that this NAIDOC Week, love will increase and the call for Voice, Treaty, and Truth will be heard.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.



May our footsteps, on these ancient lands,

remind us of creation and connectedness, in our search for truth.

May the Gum Tree, from its roots to its branches,

remind us to dig deep and reach high, in our action for justice.

May the Eagle, who soars in the sky,

remind us of the power, in our call for love.

May the expanse of the lands and seas, of the sky and stars,

remind us of God’s timing in our faith in hope.

May the Holy three, Creator Spirit, Lord God, (Papa) Jesus,

remind us of community.

Now with grace, mercy, and peace, go in truth, justice, love and hope.

Written by Brooke Prentis Aboriginal Spokesperson, Common Grace for NAIDOC Week